St. Gregory the Great Catholic Academy Mourns the Loss of Karen Frick

Karen Frick joined the staff of St. Gregory the Great School in 1992. She received her degree in Athletic Administration from St. John’s University and attended St. John’s University, where she was a member of the Women’s Varsity Tennis Team, played intramural volleyball, basketball and racquetball and was Vice-President of the Athletic Administration Association.

Karen spent the past 26 years as a Physical Education and Health teacher at St. Gregory’s, but her impact here goes far beyond her role as teacher. Miss Karen was the Coordinator of the Extended Day Program, over-saw pupil transportation, piloted the Healthy Lunch Program and was an instrumental force in planning and maintaining the Brian Moore memorial garden. Miss Karen was also successful in writing grants for the school; one of which allowed us to install an outdoor play space and more recently acquire a 3-D printer.

Beyond all of these official titles, we can also say that Miss Karen was the “Prime Minister of Fun,” from her wild, “YEE-HAW!!!” as she rallied the students to dance the “Cotton-Eyed Joe” to kick off the Walk-a-Thon, to watching her out on the school roof videotaping everyone during our Flag Day ceremony. There was not an event at St. Greg’s that Miss Karen was not intimately involved in. Miss Karen’s absence will be deeply felt for years to come and the impact she has had on generations of students and their families is everlasting. We have never known a kinder, more compassionate and genuine person than Karen Frick. Our only consolation is that St. Gregory’s has gained our own personal guardian angel.