Category: St. Gregory the Great School

Resources for Summer

Interests for Careers: -site that encourages Graphic Design -site that encourages Coding – site that encourages kids in the field of design- interior design, architecture and animation. Fitness and Fun: -Zumba for kids, and teens – Tips for parents to help teens to get moving Hobbies: – link to […]

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Ways to Cope with Boredom

For many children staying inside during this COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, boredom is a real struggle, and it can have a negative impact on mental health. It’s important to recognize that what we are all dealing with is intense. We’re all in the same storm but in different boats. Our minds all need to find […]

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Virtual Tours and Trips

In the midst of closings of stores, restaurants, and places of entertainment, we find ourselves at a loss of how to keep our children actively engaged. Although there are limited resources to keep our children busy, the internet has provided some great sites to be utilized. It is imperative to show our children that electronic […]

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