E.D.P. – Extended Day Program Info

Click here to download the EDP info packet (includes form) which must be completed & returned to the office.


St. Gregory’s Extended Day Program for grades Nursery (Full Day) – 8th grade will begin on the first full day of school.  The program will be in session from 7:00 to 8:00AM and from dismissal until 6:00 P.M.  Ms. Karen Frick is the Director of this program.  All questions are to be directed to her.  In addition to Ms. Frick, there will be other faculty members assisting in the program.

The daily schedule will consist of physical activity, snack, and drink (which is provided), homework supervision, and other activities.  The registration fee is $25.00.  The weekly fee schedule for the afternoon session is as follows:

1 child                              $ 25 per day or $125 per week

2 children                       $ 40 per day or $200 per week

3 or more children        $ 50 per day or $250 per week

The fee for the morning session is $5.00/day per student.

IN ADDITION THERE WILL BE A LATE FEE OF $25 PER DAY IF YOUR SON/DAUGHTER IS NOT PICKED UP BY 6 P.M.  However, constant lateness for pick up will result in the removal of your child/ren from the program.

Enclosed is a registration/emergency form. Your child/ren will not be able to attend EDP until the registration/emergency form is completed and the $25.00 registration fee is paid.  There will be no exceptions.
When registering, please enclose your registration fee and the first week’s payment.  Please indicate on the outside of the envelope what days your child will be attending the first week.  For all subsequent weeks, payment must be made the Friday prior to the week attending.  Again, always indicate on the outside of the envelope the specific days your child will attend.

All of us here at St. Gregory’s look forward to working with you in our well-established Extended Day Program.