Tuition and Fee Schedule for 2018-2019 School Year

New Student Registration: $250 per family
Existing Family registering a new student: $150 per student
Existing Family Re-Registration: $75 per family

Supply Fee: Nursery-8: $150 per student

Registration and Supply fees are NON-REFUNDABLE

Technology Usage Fee: Grades K-8: $250 per student
While your child may already have, or will be receiving a Chromebook or Tablet, the Technology Fee is not a device fee. The fee supports the technology infrastructure that enables 1:1 computing and helps cover the cost of all apps, educational online subscriptions, the wireless infrastructure, Chromebook and Tablet licensing, Chromebook/Tablet management system, school-wide filtering and the support staff to maintain our school network.

Festival Fee: $600 per family
This year’s Festival is scheduled for June 14 through June 24. Every family (including Nursery and Pre-K) is required to work our FESTIVAL for a total of 6 nights. Of those 6 nights, you are required to work 2 weekend nights. THIS SERVICE WILL RESULT IN A CREDIT OF $600 (or $100 per night worked). If you have not fulfilled your obligation, the $600 (or $100 per night not worked) will be added to your remaining 8 tuition payments.
Families who register at St. Gregory’s after the Festival has ended are required to pay the un-discounted tuition rate as outlined in the attached tuition schedule.

All fees must be made by check, money order, or credit card (a processing fee will be assessed for credit card payments). CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

5% discount offered to families who pay in full prior to June 15th
$250 one time credit offered to current families who refer another family to St. Greg’s

$30 late fee for each payment not received by the 10th of the month
$30 service charge for bounced checks

  • Registration and Supply Fees for new families are due at registration; for current families these fees are due no later than February 16, 2018
  • Technology Fees are due by April 9, 2018
  • Tuition Fees are due on the 1st of each month May, June, September

Grades K-8
Plan A is available to Catholic families who are registered, active parishioners in St. Gregory’s parish, meaning they worship at St. Gregory’s parish, and have contributed to the financial well being of the parish.

1 child2 children3+ children
$4,250/$4,850*$6,500/$7,100 *$8,750/$9350*
$425 per month May/June$650 per month May/June$875 per month May/June
$425/$500* Sept-April$650/$725* Sept-April$875/$950* Sept-April

*Beginning September 1st, if you have not worked the Festival, your tuition will be charged the higher amount ($600 payable over remaining 8 payments).


1 child2 children3+ children
$485 per month May/June$715 per month May/June$970 per month May/June
$485/$560* Sept-April$715/$790* Sept-April$970/$1,045* Sept-April

*Beginning September 1st, if you have not worked the Festival, your tuition will be charged the higher amount ($600 payable over remaining 8 payments).


$5,500 /$6,100* per child
$550 per month May/June
$550/$625* Sept-April

** Children who attend Nursery or Pre-K will earn a scholarship in the amount of $500 for each year in which they were a student in either the Nursery and/or Pre-K Programs.  This scholarship is eligible for Kindergarten registration only. Please note – Nursery/Pre-K rates are not included in the family discount plan.  If you currently have one older child attending St. Gregory’s, you will receive a $500 discount.  If you currently have 2 or more older children attending St. Gregory’s, you will receive a $1,000 discount.